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Mollie Morris is a local artisan living in Evanston. After moving from Montana, Mollie received her MA in Art Therapy from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001.


With an eye for capturing life's moments as a photographer, Mollie's passion for art continued to grow. After taking several ceramics classes, Mollie was exposed to all the different approaches of clay which included hand building, wheel throwing and glazing. The process of clay resonated with Mollie and it continues to inspire and grow in her art.

The use of natural resources allows me to create very organic and authentic planters. Using these natural resources and clay is a reminder of living in Montana. Appreciating the beauty of landscape and the unique simplicity of nature is captured in clay.


Much of Mollie's artwork is processed oriented reflecting historical techniques that continue to influence each new art piece created. Mollie currently teaches ceramic’s at the Evanston Art Center.

Who is Mollie Morris?
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